What is cbd oil? The definitive guide to cannabidiol and how to use it properly

If you live in a marijuana-friendly state like Washington, Oregon or Colorado—or a country like Canada or Uruguay—you can likely find CBD oils at your local dispensary. Much hype has amassed around the medication—but what exactly is it?

By Rob Hoffman | Herb.co

CBD is the common acronym for Cannabidiol, which has seen consistent growth in popularity among medical marijuana patients and practitioners. CBD is a cannabinoid, just like THC. However, unlike THC, CBD does not possess psychoactive properties. In other words, the consumption of CBD alone will not make medical marijuana patients feel “high.” 

This is the main advantage of CBD from a medical perspective: children, elderly, and patients who do not benefit from or enjoy the psychoactive effects of marijuana can use CBD to reap the benefits of medical marijuana, without getting “high.” 

How CBD oil is made. 

CBD oil is a concentrate made from extracting CBD from the sticky trichomes or resin glands on a cannabis plant’s flower. It’s often made from hemp plants, which are a type of cannabis that is bread to contain extremely low THC contents.

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