The Art of the Meal

Culinary art soars to new heights with the infusion of cannabis.

By Greg Zeman |

Some art is crafted to endure the erosion of time: statues, monuments and murals represent humanity’s protest against impermanence, our defiant brush of color against the bleak canvas of time and mortality. Then there are the arts we experience only in the moment: Music can be written on the page, but it is only in the playing or the listening that we truly experience its magnificence — a brilliant, flickering flame of inspiration that dances for a moment and vanishes.

So it is with the culinary arts: A recipe can be meticulously measured, written down precisely and passed down for dozens of generations — each new cook striving to artfully express its essence — but the moment of truth always comes in the span of a single breath and the time that it takes for a human tongue to process that very first taste.

And then the moment passes. Perhaps another bite — another moment or two basking in the artistry of the dish.

There is, of course, a parallel between the dramatic sensory arc of a culinary experience and the ingestion of cannabis. The cannabis plant’s journey from seed or clone to cured flower (and often to processed product) has many important steps and stops along the way, but the ultimate judgment always happens in a heartbeat.

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