Shaky MMJ Health Claims Could Trigger Federal Crackdown

The FDA is hinting they’ll investigate cannabis products that claim, among other things, to cure cancer.

By Chris Roberts @cbloggy |

If you’re dissatisfied with your board-certified doctor’s advice or disheartened by what a heap of scientific data is patiently trying to tell you, tread lightly — and don’t be tempted to believe all the claims about medical marijuana products that you read.

The most cursory of internet searches turns up a host of makers peddling products they say contain CBD, which those companies tout as guaranteed to provide amazing attendant medical benefits. Good for everything from acne to cancer!

The problem is that some of these products are pure snake oil, certified bunk. But more importantly, even if the products deliver on their claims, there are laws restricting who can make such lofty promises.

A bigger problem, possibly for everyone else in the space not playing with such fire: the federal government is starting to take notice.

Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration mailed warning letters to a number of companies selling products they claimed contained CBD. In some instances, the products sold contained no CBD at all.

But worse than the false claims of CBD, in the FDA’s view, were the claims that the products had any medical value in the first place.

Last Tuesday, Scott Gottlieb, Donald Trump’s FDA commissioner, hinted to Congress that a federal crackdown could follow the letters sent by his Obama-era predecessor.

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