New Jersey Is So Close to Legal Cannabis You Can Smell It

New Jersey officials have reportedly sealed the deal when it comes to legal cannabis in the state, and the finish line looks to be right around the corner.

New Jersey’s Path to Cannabis Legalization

It’s important to understand the history of the idea of legal marijuana in New Jersey. Few places exemplify the American renaissance on cannabis quite like New Jersey, given how far the state has come since the days of New Jersey’s former Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who was one of the great anti-pot champions of the last decade, despite the changing public opinion in favor of the plant.

One time in 2014, a radio caller to NJ 101.5 asked Christie about legalization, citing the revenue places like California and Colorado were bringing to their coffers. “Let me just stop you right there,” Christie replied. “You say it’s going to come down the road. You know when it may come down the road? When I’m gone. Because it’s not going to come when I’m here.”

Christie was ready to go with talking points he read from a study, noting the impacts of marijuana on motivation and emotion centers in the brain. He said he wouldn’t be the governor that would tell children and young adults that marijuana use was OK.

“I don’t care about the tax money that may come from it, I don’t care quite frankly that people think it’s inevitable. It’s not inevitable,” said a grimacing Christie. “I’m not going to permit it, never. As long as I’m governor. You want to elect somebody else who is willing to legalize marijuana and expose our children to that gateway drug and the effects it has on the brain? You’ll have to live with yourself if you do that, and it’s not going to be this governor who does it.”

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