How to make a Homemade Grinder

Looking to learn how to make a good homemade grinder? I gathered a bunch of the best methods to make a grinder, which will have you grinding up herbs in no time!

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Knife and Chopping Board

Probably the simplest homemade grinder—with items you’re almost guaranteed to have laying around the house—is to use a knife and a cutting board. The idea behind it is simple, just think of making a salad! Place the herbs you’re grinding on the cutting board and chop away with the knife.

Small Scissors and Shot Glass

Scissors and a shot glass is the favorite of many, including Tupac, believe it or not. The concept is pretty self-explanatory, place your herbs in the shot glass and cut it up with the scissors. Depending on the herbs you’re grinding, the scissors can gunk up pretty fast, but all you will have to do is scrape em’ clean, and they’re ready to go another round.

Medicine Bottle/Film Canister and Coin

This homemade grinder method is awesome because it doubles as a storage container as well. All you have to do its place your herbs in the bottle (it can be a medicine bottle, film canister, etc.) and place a nickel or two in there, shake it up and be amazed how well your herbs were ground.

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