Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana Invests in Legal Marijuana Company Caliva

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is getting in the medical marijuana business.


JANUARY 24, 2019 The Bleacher Report

Paul Elias of the Associated Press reported Montana's venture capital firm, Liquid 2 Ventures, is involved in a $75 million investment into Caliva, which is a company that works with medical marijuana and features a farm, retail story, distribution center and delivery service.

Montana said he thinks medical marijuana "can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction."

Elias noted Caliva didn't reveal how much of the investment came from Montana. 

This comes after Craig Giammona of Bloomberg reported CBS rejected a Super Bowl commercial for Acreage Holdings calling for the legalization of medical marijuana.

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Joe Montana Medical Marijuana Caliva