Government Money Laundering and Legalization

What do they do with the CASH from legal and illegal cannabis sales?

How Uncle Sam Launders Marijuana Money

Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown is an attorney, chairman of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including "Web of Debt" and "The Public Bank Solution."

On the presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump said the issue of marijuana legalization should be “up to the states,” continuing the “hands off” policy established under President Obama. Under the 2013 Cole memorandum, the Department of Justice said it would not prosecute individuals and companies complying with robust and well-enforced state legalization programs. But on January 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded that memo and gave federal prosecutors the authority to pursue marijuana cases at their own discretion, even in places where the herb is legal under state law. The action has made banks even more afraid to take marijuana cash, which can be prosecuted as money laundering, an offense that can incur stiff criminal penalties.

The Government Has “Unclean Hands”

As explained by Dr. Richard Rahn, author of “The End of Money and the Struggle for Financial Privacy”

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How The Drug Money Flows Into The financial System

Two boats pull into the docks. The first boat is full of a white agricultural product grown in Latin America called sugar. The owner of the cargo, Darin, sells his boat load of white agricultural substance to the sugar wholesaler on the docks for how much money $10,000.

Now, after Darin pays his workers and all his costs of growing and transporting the sugar, and after he and his wife spend the weekend in Miami and he pays himself a bonus and buys some new harvest equipment and pays his taxes, how much cash does he have left to deposit into his bank account? 

What is Darin's net cash margin on his sugar business? Let's say that Darin has worked hard he makes around 10% or $1000 cash profit margin. Let's call Darin's margin S for slim %.

Back on the docks, the second boat---an exact replica of the boat carrying Darin's sugar---is a boat carrying Barry's white agricultural product called cocaine. The planting, harvesting and production of this white agricultural substance, Barry's cocaine, are remarkably like Darin's sugar.

Well, where Darin is getting pennies, Barry is getting bills. If Darin had sales of $10,000, Barry had sales of that x 1000 or $1 million cash profit margin. Darin may carry the same weight of white stuff in a boat but from a financial point of view, Barry the coke guy has a lot more "sales per boat" than Darin the sugar guy.

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