Fernley Opens Its First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary (Nevada)

As of 10 a.m. Wednesday morning(Jan 16), people 21 and over can buy recreational cannabis in the city of Fernley. Wednesday afternoon the owners of Silver State Relief held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the achievement.

by Brandon Fuhs KTVN

As of 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, people 21 and over can buy recreational cannabis in the city of Fernley.

Wednesday afternoon the owners of Silver State Relief held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the achievement.

"It's something new out in Fernley," Amanda Fraley says about why she attended the ceremony. "They don't make a big deal really over anything opening up so I just wanted to see it revealed and be here for the first time."

"It saves us a drive," Jeff Weber says. "And it couldn't have been a better place than opened up here in Fernley than Silver State they are good people, fair prices, and just wonderful".

Before the dispensary opened, residents of Fernley had to drive to Sparks to buy recreational cannabis.

"The community of Fernley has been making trips to Sparks to visit us at our facility there," Fernley Dispensary Manager for Silver State Relief Patrick Dolan says. "So we're just really happy to be able to open up and be a part of the community here."

When recreational cannabis became legal statewide, the city of Fernley decided not to allow the sales of recreational marijuana. But since it's illegal for people to grow cannabis in their home if they live within 25 miles of a recreational dispensary, the Lyon County Sheriff's Office supported the idea of opening a recreational cannabis dispensary.

"It took about six to seven months to get the council on board," Fernley Mayor Roy Edgington says. "Then we went ahead and looked for capital partners and we got [State] Senator [Tick] Segerblom to go through the process."

Former State Senator Segerblom helped craft Senate Bill 487 passed in 2017. That bill allowed incorporated cities in rural counties (counties with less than 100,000 residents) to have one recreational marijuana dispensary.

While Lyon County has a moratorium on recreational marijuana sales, the senate bill allows the city and business to work directly with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Edgington says they looked at a few options for the cannabis facility, and chose Silver State Relief.

"I wasn't sure we would have able enough market," Edgington says. "So kudos to them for stepping up and taking a chance on us like every new business that opens here."

The mayor says he also likes this business because it's a brand new industry, diversifying the city's economy. On top of that, the project revitalized an abandoned mill.

"This was an old metal building and today to see it," Edgington says. "What was an eyesore has now become a business that will contribute to the community, and we're looking forward to working with them."

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