EcoLab is coming to MJ Biz Con this month of October

Ecolab has a history of innovation and they are just one of the companies that will be at MJ Biz Con this year.

Ecolab’s spirit of innovation traces back to its very first days, when founder M.J. Osborn mixed a few ingredients to make a rug cleaning compound, and seeing a need for a better soap for the new mechanical dishwashers, developed Soilax™, the company’s first successful product. Learn more about key innovations that followed over the years.

Ecolab’s Journey Since 1923:

What would Founder M.J. Osborn think of Ecolab today? Its size and success would please him, its talented people would amaze him and its technologies would take his breath away. But some things would not surprise him, because he set them in motion. The fundamentals M.J. put in place – continuous innovation coupled with expert customer service – are still the foundation of Ecolab’s success. 
Innovative Solutions

Ecolab has a long history of innovation. Our strategy is based on chemistry, digital technology and service to deliver exponential customer value. Our team of 1,200 scientists, engineers and technical specialists create best-in-class solutions that are responsibly sourced and developed with close attention to human and environmental impact. With our expertise in core technologies, including antimicrobials, dispensing and monitoring, personal and environmental hygiene, polymers, surfactants, solid chemistry, water management and data analytics, we help improve operational efficiency, product quality and safety for our customers. Read more about our Expertise & Innovation.


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