Tracy Ryan is on the Red Carpet at SXSW to promote "Weed the People"

"Weed The People" follows families through uncharted waters as they take their children's suvival into their own hands. Featured at the SXSW, WeedTV Now Carole Joyce interviews Tracy Ryan on the red carpet as she talks about her last interview with WeedTV one year ago.
This documentary took 5 years to produce.

"WEED THE PEOPLE takes an unflinching look at the underground world of cannabis medicine, where patients become experts on their own conditions and spend thousands of dollars on federally illegal medicines.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more compelling than in the treatment of children, who are ignorant of the stigma of medical marijuana and whose parents will stop at nothing to help them.

Weed The People looks beyond the propaganda and politics on both sides of the issue to reveal the legitimate science behind cannabis medicine and the compelling stories of ordinary people whose lives are inescapably caught up in the controversy."