Bringing Light to a Dark Cell

We met up with Andrew from at Hall of Flowers in Ventura. They are a non-profit organization that raises money for non violent cannabis offenders in prison. The funds go to their commissary cards and to aid in their release.

They have prisoner outreach program called Pen Pal Program:
This is from their site: "Corresponding with friends and family is a life line that is vital to the survival of those on the inside. Mail call can be one of the best parts of a prisoners day, if they are lucky enough to receive mail. For many, mail is the only thing they can look forward to. If you are reading this, then the chances are you have said yes to being a prison pen pal! On behalf of the prisoners, Thank You! Every prison has its own rules and they are regularly changing. The following guidelines are for general information but it is always best to verify specific policies that may apply"

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